Driver Assessment & Risk Management

Driver Assessment, Risk Management and Training is an essential part of improving your business and ensuring you meet your corporate responsibility under HSE guidelines ‘Managing Work Related Road Safety’

Driver training and coaching based on assessment of telematics driving behaviour data will bring about a reduction in driver risk, accidents rates, reduced vehicle wear and tear and improved fuel economy. All of which, if not managed, will contribute to reduced operational effectiveness and greater corporate risk from fines and criminal offences.


Driver Behaviour Monitoring - How it Works

Driver Risk Management

Driver Risk Management Overview

Employees who drive for work are at greater risk of being involved in an accident at work. So you need in place policies and strategies to help you reduce that risk, including driver training for light vehicles, heavy vehicles, electric vehicles and buses.

The focus is in two key areas; One is understanding driver behaviour and identifying driver risk through in-vehicle telematics solutions and analysis of the driving behaviour data.  The second is the delivery of modular based training courses to support a reduction in driver risk and support a drivers ongoing continual professional development (CPD).

Our training partners work with our clients to ensure that the driver trainers are delivering what your organisation needs through long term quality modular based assessment and driver coaching programs.

Driving Behaviour: How poor driving behaviour costs money and affects your business.

Driving behaviour has been viewed as one of the toughest areas to manage within a vehicle fleet.  Our eBook on  Driving Behaviour  will help you understand the key things you need to manage and how telematics can help

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